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We’re really proud to say, Book Hub Publishing is now the largest independent Publishing House in the scenic west of Ireland with Offices just outside Athenry town in County Galway. Our authors sell globally and are established Amazon Best Sellers (2016). We have an experienced team of editors, designers, writers, technology specialists, transcription staff, translations staff and project managers to make the entire publishing process an understandable, smooth and effective service – in Ireland and abroad. We offer traditional publishing contracts and bespoke shared partnership contracts and are more than happy to discuss both options with interested persons.

We take particular pride in delivering a personalized experience to our clients. We love communications and have a sister company called The BookHub ThesisClinic where we work with third level students and the SME business community in forensic document editing, one-to-one mentoring, bespoke training, content development and ghostwriting services.

From copyediting and proofreading to cover design and page layout; from royalties and distribution to marketing and returnability, we work closely with you so that you maintain creative control of your book. Best of all, your personal team of publishing professionals will support and encourage you throughout the entire process. More than anything, you get a one-to-one service from us and with us.
That’s why authors from diverse countries such as Ireland, the United States, Canada, Germany and France have chosen us. We’ve now published more than thirty titles and continually have new books in production.

Dr Mary Helen Hensley, is an American metaphysical healer originally from Martinsville, Virginia. She is a motivational speaker based in Athlone, Ireland for the past fourteen years and is a bestselling author with us with all of her books gone to reprint. Mary Helen has published three books with us in her Hub Trilogy titled 'Promised', 'Circles of Light' and 'The Land Beyond The River'. All are available as separate ebooks from Amazon and recently we combined the three books into one large evolume called, unsurprisingly, 'The Promised Trilogy'. Mary Helen has just published her fourth book with us called 'The Pocket Coach' which was launched in Martinsville, Virgina, USA in early May 2013. check out www.maryhensley.net for more details.
Christine Moran, a psychotherapist based in the midlands in Ireland and Director of the International College for Personal and Professional Development in Athlone, Co. Westmeath, has published a book of spiritual affirmations with us called Dear Precious Being. The book is beautifully presented with bespoke black and white photography.
Dr. Lew Graham, an American shaman based in the beautiful state of Hawaii, has published Gnosis: The Story of How We Begin To Remember with us. Lew Graham was trained first as a scientist and later as a shaman in Huna and Native American magic. His books fuse science and spirituality into a seamless chronological narrative that blends scientific findings with select Gnostic lore—a dispersed body of esoteric knowledge that is mostly unknown to researchers and scholars. The result casts astonishing, new light on the ancient Lost Civilisation. Lew's research process and fusion of findings are both described in his series of books entitled GNOSIS for 2012 Onward (Volumes I-III), now in a newly updated 3rd Edition. They are available in both ebook from Amazon and softcopy formats. Bearnairdin Ni Goibniu, a bio energy healer based in Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland has published Love in the Quantum Space of Time: The Legacy of a Soul Mate with us and has now gone on to complete her Doctorate.
Glori Wolfe, a retired school teacher from the United States, has published a trilogy of ebooks with us featuring the central character of Moon Dancing in A Divine Fairy's Tale 1, 2 and 3. All are available in ebook format from Amazon.
Ivan Morris has published several books already on golf themes including Only Golf Spoken Here and The Dooonbeg Ghosts and has recently come to Book Hub Publishing. Awarded the Golf Nut of the Year title by the Golf Nut Society of America in 2002, Limerick man, Ivan Morris, is the quintessential, avid golfer. Morris is a golfer's golfer who knows the game intimately. His latest, and fourth, book Life as a Way of Golf published with Book Hub Publishing is a typically shrewd and witty commentary on not only the current state of the game but how to effectively play it. The author notes, "The older I get the better I used to be. I wanted to write this book for posterity and pass on what it took me 50-years to learn before I forget it all. I am never ashamed of my all-consuming, lifelong search for a revelation that would bring me golfing perfection. Such enthusiasms are the spice of life but they are ill conceived". Pat Ruddy, owner of The European Club in Ireland and a lifetime golf journalist sums up, "Ivan Morris (always) provides great entertainment filled with lovely knowledge filled interludes. Even I, having read something like 3000 golf books, come away with interesting bits that are new to me. Nobody does golf better." Morris has learnt many useful, golfing secrets on the fairways and greens of his golf nuttiness that should be of inestimable value to wannabees. Along the way, he'll also make you laugh! Check out all his starred reviews on Amazon.
Austin Berry, the former Mayor of Athlone, published his autobiography with the evocative title 'Stepping Back In Time' in May 2012. Eight decades living in the rural and urban midlands, encompassing many years in the army, award-winning music playing and a career in politics, is now documented in 'Stepping Back in Time'. The book is the culmination of Austin Berry's life to date, and while he has been continuously resident in Athlone since 1965, the Offaly native first came to Athlone town in 1948 to join the Construction Corp in Custume Barracks. His book is available from us in softcopy format and is also now available as an ebook on Amazon.
“Time to be Me”, by Máire-Rós O’Rahilly Why did you write this book? I hope that sharing my story will inspire others as it is a story of growing awareness and full of personal anecdotes that may be helpful to others. I intend to show that there are some things I have learnt which are vital not only for physical and mental health but especially for spiritual growth. I hope everyone understands that it's particularly important to keep going even when it’s tough (this too will pass), that reaching out for help is not shameful, that being vulnerable is a strength not a weakness. What surprised you the most as you researched or wrote it? As I share the impressions and perceptions that make up my story, paradoxically it feels like this process is assisting me to let it go. Through writing, I came to see many patterns, especially those of fear and anxiety that have been part of my life and I have come to know that self-understanding is exactly that. It cannot be taught by anyone else. What do you think will surprise readers the most? I am not sure. I hope that each individual reader will take what they need from reading. Some will balk at the idea that, as souls, we choose every aspect of our lives – including who our parents and family will be, so that we will grow. My training and interest in family constellations work has confirmed this knowing to me. Some readers may be surprised at the truth that despite all these years, I am still working on myself and that my mind is still not tame and I can be fine even if it never is. I tend to be optimistic and fun-loving when I am with others, but this does not mean I am in denial of the challenges that living in this material world presents. I am articulate and have been told I appear to be self-confident. Paradoxically, the more truthful I can be about my experience in the moment, the easier it all gets. By sharing some of the more difficult feelings I grapple with, the less power they have over me. And this has to be the same for everyone. What’s the most important lesson or message readers will get from it? The title “Time to be me” is meant for everyone. It is up to each one to ask “where have I been holding back?”, “how do I long to show up in the world?”, “what makes my heart sing?” “how can I belong?” Personally, I feel now is the time for everyone. The need of the day is to stand up and be present in whatever way resonates and if this seems impossible, then it is time to reach out for help to do so. I would like to think I am leading by example. Did writing this book change your life in any way? Yes. Writing this book and being as transparent as I have been is my way of “putting myself out in the world”. It has been five years of completing a project despite internal fears and obstacles. It represents a huge achievement for me and despite the many successes, I would say that this is the one of which I am the most proud. What do you hope will come from others reading it? I hope that the people I can assist would be drawn to work with me through my being visible. And personally, that I will be drawn to write another book (after the play! See next question) What are you working on now? I have just started a blog and I am continuing my training in family constellations over the next 18 momths. I would love to turn my hand to playwriting.
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