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Friday 7th December

Paul Kilgannon will be interviewed on Matt Cooper’s last Word in Sport on Today FM
Marconi House, Dublin

December 9th 7pm

The official Launch of Heidi Messenger’s Oracle Messenger Cards with our bespoke illustrations drawing upon familiar signs such as animals, angels, chakras, ancient folklore and positive energy and are each completely different from each other. As you use them, you will build up an understanding of the meaning of these signs when you encounter them out and about in your everyday life.

Our aim is to encourage the enquirer to look deeper into the messages and further employ their own gifts and inner voice, while learning to develop and trust their intuition.

Hannon’s Hotel, Roscommon at 7pm


Oracle Messenger
Card Deck

by Heidi Messenger

A bespoke Oracle Messenger Card Deck you can use with your angels and spirits.




We’re really proud to say, Book Hub Publishing is now the largest independent Publishing House in the scenic west of Ireland with Offices just outside Athenry town in County Galway. Our authors sell globally and are established Amazon Best Sellers (2016). We regularly appear in local, regional and national radio and print media and have an experienced team of editors, designers, writers, technology specialists, transcription staff, translations staff and project managers to make the entire publishing process an understandable, smooth and effective service – in Ireland and abroad. We offer traditional publishing contracts and bespoke shared partnership contracts and are more than happy to discuss both options with interested persons.

Why should I publish with Book Hub Publishing?

Good question. Well, we would suggest we are an Independent Publishing House in an era of faceless conglomerates. However you want your book to be edited, published, marketed and distributed, we have the perfect service for you. With a comprehensive range of publishing, editorial, add-on and marketing services on offer, you are guaranteed a publishing experience tailor-made to your needs. Crucially, because we offer a ‘partnership model’, we can have a personal relationship with our authors. Yes, a relationship…We know them…We know their family members…We even know their pets and what flowers and shrubs populate their gardens in many instances…Just check out our Testimonials section on the site here. Finally, by choosing to work with us you ensure that your book will be produced to the highest possible industry standards that easily match books published by any of the traditional publishers

Are there formal contracts?

Yep. We have an Author Contract (paperback and ebook) and a Payment Schedule Contract. The Author Agreement explains exactly what our service entails, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.

How much support can I get from Book Hub Publishing?

It entirely depends on what you need. We will talk through your proposed book with you and agree a support platform which will include face to face editorial time, phone support, email support and skype support and/or any combination of these.

What is an ISBN?

We always get asked that one! The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is an identifying number that is assigned to each edition of a book. It is used by bookshops, libraries and online stockists to catalogue and identify your book. Your book will be assigned three ISBNs.

Will I be able to speak directly with a Book Hub Publishing editor?

Yes. Your editor will provide you with an Editorial Letter explaining the changes and recommendations made to your manuscript and may also include comments throughout the manuscript itself. The Book Hub Publishing team will be available throughout the editing process to answer any questions you might have.

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Testimonials & Reviews


Heidi Messenger


“Heidi Messenger really is a messenger of light and love. Her book is simply amazing. In person, she exudes clam and gentleness. Her story is inspiring” – Christine Hickey.”

Ray Flannery

Wine magazine for pros

“Ray Flannery’s first book, “Moany McMoan” had me laughing out loud as I read each page. I love the illustrations and the book’s characters are so real I could feel them jumping of..”

Anna Gray


“Anna’s book is so inspiring. It’s really powerful to see someone write about their own life with such honesty”

Meghan Scully


“Meghan is such a powerful author in the way she writes about loss and grief.  Her book really moved me and gave me some practical hints”

Book Hub Thesis Clinic

We work with 3rd Level students and the SME Business Community in 1 top 1 mentoring, forensic document editing, bespoke training, content development and ghost writing services.