Mental Health For Millennials Vol 4 ‘On Wellbeing’ (ISBN: 978-1-8381691-4-5)


Mental Health For Millennials Vol  4 (On Wellbeing) is part of a 7 series volume collection (with 2017-2023 publications dates). It contains chapters written by twenty contributors from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Switzerland and the UK on aspects of mental health and wellness for millennials. Themes covered include wellbeing, positive habit formation, finding one’s signature strength, wellbeing in activity participation, anxiety, finding balance in millennial life, personal reflections on wellbeing, bullying, media manipulation, flow and flourishing,  reflections, generational musings on wellbeing, culinary curiosity, self-care, qualifying happiness, resilience, seeking Sláinte, wellbeing in sport, homelessness, letting go in the COVID-19 era, finding one’s tribe to thrive, concepts of beauty and poetic reflections. Series Editors are Dr. Niall MacGiolla Bhuí and Dr. Phil Noone and the guest volume assistant editor is Giselle Marrinan.

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