Wow Heidi you are brilliant. I had my meeting with you today and wanted to stay there all day. You are so great at what you do. Beautiful soul. Thank you so much for all your messages today from my beautiful Mum. I feel so much more at ease n happy knowing they are with us all the time. You confirmed that for me. Thank you so much �

Zoe Collins

I went to see Heidi few times now, will never get over the first experience – getting in contact with my father and it is literally like speaking to him was so amazing and every time after that.. cannot explain how good of a feeling it is, he was and always will be my world. Heidi doing this for people is such an amazing thing, she’s always so kind and gentle. Thank you always. ❤️

Christina Fahy

Thank you so much, I’ve been on two of Heidi’s workshops. She has unbelievable knowledge and she has such wonderful gifts. I attend a 2 day workshop and also a one day and both were very informative and professional, she also has wonderful teaching techniques to really help us mere mortals to tap into and gain confidence in helping others also.

Aine Killeen