Heidi Messenger

“Heidi Messenger’s book, The See Through People published in December 2016 absolutely blew me away. She has packed so much into her life, has experienced so much turmoil in her early life that it’s amazing she is the wonderfully positive person she is. I read her book in one sitting” – Helen Smyth.

Susi C. Coveney

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley appeared into my life at the right time, with “Promised” she had me laughing and crying nearly at the same time, there was NO WAY I was putting the book down, her next two books, “Circles of Light” and “The Land Beyond the River” have been great eye openers in the…

Art inspired

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley has affirmed my beliefs with her first book “Promised” and continues with the next two in her trilogy. Immensely readable, thought provoking, funny, inspirational. Thank you for being so candid and open while making it all ‘make sense’.

Heidi Messenger

Heidi Messenger is an International Medium and author. She is booked solidly until 2019 such is her renown amongst her clients. She has published two books with us, ‘The See Through People’ & ‘Angels At My Table’. Both are available on our website and in selected stores.